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"I have been working for Frontier since starting of 2002 and have found their dealing straight forward and trustworthy. I also have been on projects staffed by Frontier when I was not an employee. I find that Frontier easily ranks among the overall best in over twenty-five years of personal experience."
Thomas Brower
Senior Applications DBA

"Thanks to the dedicated and focused staff at Frontier Consulting, Inc., I have been on projects at various clients for most part of my 4 year employment with the company, in spite of the recession and the fluid job market.

It is a very comforting and reassuring thought when you know that, Frontier staff always has another project lined up once you finish your current project."
Sujender Produturi
Senior HR/Payroll Consultant

"I have the privilege and pleasure of working with one of the most dedicated and wonderful groups of people I have ever encountered and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it all. The employees of Frontier are what make this company so unique, and their dedication and excitement in learning new programming skills as well as the opportunity to challenge their thinking about the world of programming.

Frontier provides a dynamic working environment with significant opportunity to learn, grow and remain challenged. Everyone always make me feel like an important part of the total organization. Frontier is not only an excellent place to excel in your career, but also helps to broaden your knowledge. I look forward to the opportunity to continue my professional growth and development as Frontier continues to evolve as a corporation."
Norma Perez
Assistant Personnel Manager

"I am glad to be associated with a company which has vision, focus and long term goals. FCI team is loving, caring, hard working and more importantly accountable. Proud to be associated with Frontier winning team."
Ravi Kumar Pare
Senior Programmer

"I have been working with Frontier for the past two years. Frontier has been able to keep me working on long term project with little down time. Frontier has been very fair with me in negotiating my rates. I have been very pleased with Frontiers ability to find me projects that fit my skills and abilities."
Lee Schafer
Senior ERP Functional Consultant

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