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In this approach, work is performed at Frontier's own development lab at its offices located in Houston, Texas. The biggest advantage that offsite development provides is the reduction of software development costs. At Frontier, we understand that different requirements exist with regard to specific business functions as well as cost and time frames for completion. Accordingly we adapt our services so that comprehensive offsite development programs can be offered to you.

Prior to beginning any work, the Frontier team meets with the client team to work out the details of the engagement. The project scope, deliverables, screen layouts, reporting, functionality issues, timelines, etc. are all defined in detail. A small mockup of the actual application may also be developed during this phase to understand the look and feel of the end product.

After the definition phase, work moves to the Frontier lab. Deliverables and other progress reports will be made available to client at pre-agreed intervals. The client may choose to receive remote access to the development server via a VPN or some other secure means. By accessing the development server remotely, the client can monitor progress in real time, and maintain overall control even though work is being carried out offsite.

This approach is ideal for engagements where:

The scope has been defined in detail


Timelines are aggressive


Possible need for the client to visit with the development team or the team's managers for greater efficiency

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