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Q: Does Frontier recruit year round?
A:Yes, we recruit on a year round bases please refer to Current Openings page.

Q: Can I send in a copy of my word format resume or an application for you to keep on file?
A:Yes, resumes are always welcome. To apply see the apply jobs page if you would like to apply on-line.

Q:What kind of benefits does Frontier offer?
A: See the Employee Benefits page to view a complete list of benefits Frontier offers.

Q:If all my questions have not been answered how to I contact a recruiter in Frontier?
A: Go to the Contact Us page.

Q: Where are most of Frontier's clients located?
A: Frontier's client's job openings are on a nationwide spread.

Q: Does Frontier sponsor H-1B Visas?
A: Yes, Frontier does sponsor H-1B Visas for those candidates who are qualified and have at least 2 years experience in their fields of expertise. WE also require a Bachelors Degree equivalent to Computer Science.

Q: Do you offer full-time, contract (1099), or W-2 positions?
A: Frontier offers all three depending on the candidates needs.

Q: Does Frontier work on a Corp-to-Corp basis?
A: No, however occasionally, we work with third parties for only hard to come by specialties in the IT industry.

Q: What is Frontier's recruiting process?
A: Evaluate education and experience, Conduct technical interview with our recruiters, Check references, and Conducting background check.

Q: Does Frontier has a referral program?
A: Yes, please refer to Referrals page for details.

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