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As you might know, our company focuses on providing various IT and Web-based services, but we are not like other similar companies because our services are customizable. This means that you won’t be getting the same service as everyone, we treat each client according to the requirements and special needs. Our goal is to completely satisfy our clients with our personalized IT and Web services.

We Offer Different Services

Here are some of the main services that we are providing to our loyal clients, we hope you will find something that you are interested in.

Web Services

Web Services are not just one type of service, in fact, it consists of various web related services such as the development of a new website, but for more information, we suggest visiting us.

Design Services

Design Services are basically really simple service that we think every business needs to use in order to keep up with the competition. Having a really professionally designed business plan or solution is a very key element for success.

Technical services

Technical services are provided to our clients who need some professional assistance with a technical aspect of a project. Dealing with a difficult project won’t be a pain anymore.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services are simply here to prove our clients that we believe in our services and that we are ready to assist them at any point. If you ever need any help with our services, you can be sure that we will help you out.

Vision and Strategy for the Future

Most people don’t like to think about future a lot, but we are motivated by the future because we have a lot of goals and strategies that we are going to use. We always like to plan things out before they happen, this way we are able to avoid a lot of rookie mistakes that can lead to various other problems. For now, our strategy will be to continue working just as hard and to further improve the quality of our services.


John J. Liptak

John J. Liptak

Chief Department of The Air Force

“Frontier’s consultants are highly skilled in the most advanced tools we are using and we consider ourselves lucky to find persons like them in these days of acute shortage of skilled professionals. Frontier ‘s services have greatly affected the current status of the project, and there loss would seriously affect it’s timely completion and be detrimental in the maintenance of the Department of Defense project.”

Reggie Mabry

Reggie Mabry

Project Manager

“We have used a number of firms to supply us with consultant resources in the past. With most of these firms, the consultant was either a hit or miss. We have been very pleased with the level of experience and profession ism which was displaced by the Frontier consultants. We thank you for providing us with such excellent resources.”

Laura Flynn

Laura Flynn

Team Leader

“Frontier has contracted with our company, Sierra Pacific Power Company, as an Oracle Programmer Analyst and proven their technical skills. In addition, they have worked well with the customers and are truly team players. Frontier would be an asset to your team and your company.”

Shirley Schieck

Shirley Schieck

Business Systems

“Frontier employee was great help in our implementation of Financials 11i. He was knowledgeable and patient with users. In addition to the implementation assistance, he prepared several classes to teach the users to perform set-up tasks for AP, AR, GL and FA. His original contact was for six months; the fact that he stayed more than a year should indicate value to our project.”

Ravi Kumar Pare

Ravi Kumar Pare

Senior Programmer

“I am glad to be associated with a company which has vision, focus and long term goals. FCI team is loving, caring, hard working and more importantly accountable. Proud to be associated with Frontier winning team.”

Bill Leary

Bill Leary

Project Manager

“Frontier Consulting, Inc. was able to quickly provide Igloo Products Corp. with the type of Oracle expertise we needed. Frontier Consulting, Inc. has been able to assists us with our original needs and with several other issues in similar areas.”

Why Work with Us

If you still don’t know why you should work for us and not some other similar company, then you are in the right place to make up your mind. One of the many reasons why you should work for us is because we offer various benefits for our employees that are very rare these days. We will make sure that you are happy and satisfied all the time in the workplace.


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Frontier has many years of technical experience and extensive focus on ERP systems. Our expertise lies in the vast pool of experienced professionals who can deliver the best services in the industry. We offer our clients the perfect combination of technical and...


Our IT Services are customized according to each client's unique requirements and environments. Frontier is highly committed to creating and maintaining client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide clients a competitive edge through the development of a better, faster,...

Tech Support

Frontier recognize that customer service must be placed as the number one priority for any communications company, and that's why our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Here is a short list of all the customer support services that you...

Employee Benefits

Frontier is committed to providing the most comprehensive benefits package to our professionals. Frontier knows the value of a committed employee and the benefits package is designed to complement the "total well-being" of each of our employees and his or her family....


Frontier's Oracle Applications Group is made up of software professionals, with both technical and functional expertise representing over 10 years of experience in Oracle based packaged applications implementations and customizations. To help you with a full range of...

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